How to Prevent Hair loss? How to improve the hair growth? Home Remedies to Prevent Hair fall



Are you tired of hair fall? Do you have a bald head like in the picture? Don’t worry here is the solution for you.

Hair Fall


As we all know that hair is the important body part that shows us unique, beautiful and handsome, but nowadays hair loss is common in people. So, in this post we came after some remedies to prevent hair loss, to grow the hair faster with some home remedies.

Hair fall is the most common problem affecting one-third of the total world population. Everyone losses 100 hairs each day. There are many factors that cause hair fall in men and women.

Due to various medical conditions to hormonal changes and our daily lifestyle and food habits lead us to baldness. It is a very common problem which is usually seen in men and also in women.

Here are some of the causes of hair fall:


Gene is one of the major factors that contribute to baldness or hair loss. If someone in your family has thin hair or if they are bald, then there is 90% chance that you will be bald.

2.Hormonal Changes

Change in hormones during pregnancy or menopause causes hair loss. This type of hair loss may be temporary or permanent.

3.UV radiations

UV radiation causes dryness in hair which causes breakage of hair.

4.Use of medicine

The use of certain medications like medicine of blood pressure, medicine for depression causes hair loss.

5.Nutritional Deficiencies

Sometimes important nutrients that is essential for our body such as Iron, Copper, Zinc and Proteins may be deficient in your diet. The deficiency of Vitamin D is another cause of hair fall. So don’t forget to shock your head in the morning sunshine.

6.Thyroid Problem

The thyroid gland which is present in our neck produces the hormone. Excessive or insufficient production of thyroid hormone alters the growth cycle of the hair. If you have a thyroid problem, then you see weight loss or gain, changes in heart rate along with hair loss.


If you do extreme stress then you can suffer from hair fall lasting for few months. Minimizing stress by doing yoga, meditation, and some other types of exercise helps to reduce hair fall.

Here are our solutions that help you to prevent your hair from falling:

1.Use of ginger juice or onion juice or garlic juice

Rub the ginger or garlic or onion juice in your hair or scalp and leave it overnight and in the morning, wash your hair. Do it regularly for 1 to 2 weeks you will see the amazing result.

2. Wash your hair regularly with shampoo

When you regularly wash your hair with shampoo it helps to keep your hair and scalp clean. Regularly cleaning the hairs means lowering the risk of dandruff or other infection. Dandruff and other infections cause hair loss and breakage.

3.Avoid taking stress or tension

Studies have shown that doing a lot of stress causes hair fall which means more stress, more hair fall. You can prevent yourself from stress by doing yoga and meditation regularly.

4. Avoid Alcohol and Beverages

If you are experiencing a lot of hair loss then avoid drinking alcohol because alcohol reduces and the growth of your hair and causes hair fall.

5. Avoid Smoking

Smoking causes hair loss by reducing the flow of blood in the scalps. So, if you are experiencing hair loss then eliminate or reduce the habit of smoking.

6.Use of Aloe-Vera

Aloe-Vera has different medicinal values. Rub the Aloe-Vera juice in your hair or scalp and leave it overnight and in the morning, wash your hair. Do it regularly for 1 to 2 weeks you will see the amazing result. Aloe-Vera opens the blocked pores and keeps the scalp refreshed.

7.Avoid brushing wet hair

The hair is at its weakest point when it is wet. So avoid brushing your wet hair as brushing the wet hair increases the chance of more hair loss.

8.Keep yourself hydrated

Hair uses about one-fourth of the water that we drink. Water is directly or indirectly related to hair fall. So drink 4 to 5 litres of water daily can prevent you from hair fall.

9.Eat protein-rich foods

Eating foods, that are rich in proteins prevents hair loss as hair is made from keratin which is itself a protein. Pretentious food promotes hair growth.

10.Massage your scalp with essential massage oils regularly

Massaging hair with oils such as sesame oil or almond oil for a couple of minutes helps your follicle to remain active. If you are experiencing a lot of hair loss you can apply it once.

11.Use of vitamin

Vitamins such as vitamin E helps in the better circulation of blood in the scalps and keeps the hair follicles productive.

12.Use of Strawberries and Guava

Strawberries contain a large amount of silica, which is one of the most important minerals which makes the hair strong and strengthens it. Guava contains 5 to 6 times more vitamin C than of oranges. Vitamin C also hairs from becoming brittle and breaking.

Certain Diets to improve the hair growth
There is a certain diet that helps in the growth of hair. Regular use of vitamins and protein-containing food helps to improve hair growth and prevents hair loss. For the proper growth and development of hair we should include these certain diets in our food:

1.Vitamin E: Vitamin E helps in the proper circulation of blood in the root follicles and make them refreshed for proper growth.

2.Iron: Iron contributes to hair loss so, don’t forget to consume iron-rich foods.

3.Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids: Research has shown that women consuming omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids contribute to less hair fall.


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